Infrastructure includes the support services for all development and is the building block and backbone of the world we live in.  The East Group has developed and assisted with the development of Infrastructure improvements across eastern North Carolina.  This includes working with Municipalities, Universities, Water and Sewer Authorities, Non-Profit Water Systems, Industries and Private Developers with buildings, utilities, site improvements and transportation.  We understand the need to continually improve aging infrastructure and to continue to provide quality design services for new infrastructure as it is needed.  In addition, The East Group has assisted in finding and securing the funding from various sources for the improvements needed for infrastructure.  We invite you to browse some of our successful projects and contact us to help you with your infrastructure needs. 


Comprehensive In-House design services for Infrastructure clients (traditional)

  •  Civil
  •  Land Surveying
  • Architectural
  • Mechanical/HVAC
  • Electrical Power/Lighting/Special Systems
  • Plumbing/Piping
  • Fire Protection
  • Interior Design
  • Structural
  • Landscape Architecture

Supplemental In-House services for Infrastructure clients (non traditional)                                                   

  • Zoning and Development Permit Submission
  • Master Planning
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • System Mapping
  • Facility Planning
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Environmental Assessments
  •  Technical Specification Development
  •  Regulatory compliance for (Local, NCDENR, NCDOT)
  • Policies and procedure development
  • Assistance to Plant Operations
  • On-call support for disaster and inclement weather
  • Owner’s representative for municipalities, vendors, partners, etc.
  • Startup assistance
  • Bidding assistance
  • Resident Project Representatives
  • Construction Administration    
  • Grant and Loan Package Development


  • Specialized General Contractors
  • Specialized Sub-Contractors
  • Infrastructure Equipment Suppliers
  • Vendors
  • Other Engineering/Architectural Design Firms


  • >90% of Work is With Repeat Clients

  • Master Service Agreements in Place
  • Our Civil/Site services are focused on eastern North Carolina… we know zoning, etc.

Our Philosophy

  • Critical Success Factors Should Be Established
  • Each Facility Has Differing Needs, So We Must Listen, Learn and Provide Feedback
  • Partnerships With Other “Like-Minded” Design Firms Are Often Beneficial
  • Cost vs. Benefit Analysis to Justify Project ROI to Management

The East Group’s Added Value

  • Advocacy
  • Comprehensive “In-House” Design and Supplemental Technical Staffing Services
  • Vast Historical Database of Infrastructure Projects to Pull From
  • Responsiveness and Always On-Call